Foundations of Faith

There are some foundational beliefs that define orthodox Christian faith. By “orthodox,” we do not mean the Greek or Russian Orthodox Churches, rather we mean that these are beliefs that have been held by the true church founded by the apostles of Christ since the beginning. These documents include those foundational beliefs along with some supporting concepts.

These signs are common in Israel. The orthodox beliefs of Christianity originated with the New Testament writings of Christ’s apostles in Israel and at gatherings of all the early church’s leaders in places like Nicea, Constantinople, Carthage, Ephesus, and Chalcedon.

1 Peter 2.2 NIV: Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation...

Teaching Principles [1 page]
Thirteen principles for interpreting and teaching scripture.

Longer Theology Summary [4 pages]
Quick summary thoughts on fifty core doctrines.

Shorter Theology Summary [1 page]
Nine short paragraphs summarizing my theological beliefs.